Andrej Hanzir

Andrej is performance-driven project manager and digital marketer with strong entrepreneurial mindset.

He has founded/co-founded two startups, two NGOs and more than 30 projects. These projects have impacted more than 20,000 people so far, in Croatia and abroad. He has two degrees – in Computing and in Marketing and is alumni of Trans-Disciplinary Innovation Programme from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Currently, Andrej is Head of Innovation at Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation. During last five years he has participated on more than 50 international conferences, workshops and expert training. In 2015, Andrej was recognized as the best young project manager in Croatia of year 2015 by IPMA Young Crew and Croatian Association for Project Management. In 2016, he got another important recognition; he was recognized as third best young project manager in the world according to IPMA Young Crew.

Andrej is passionate about modern technologies, digital marketing and innovation with special emphasis on innovations with social impact. He loves to travel and he has visited more than 100 cities in 28 countries so far.